Pre-sale Consulting

Mactec provides a pre-sale Consulting service concerning all kinds of Mactec equipment, both handle applicators and end-of-line.

The aim is to find the most suitable solution, considering all the technical and marketing aspects.

Usually, both Marketing Managers and Technical Managers evaluate a prototype and share their considerations before closing the contract with Mactec.

Handle Applicators Business:

For the Handle Applicators product line, the Customer can gain a clear and concrete idea about how the handled packaging will be, touching directly and evaluating all the technical features and marketing benefits: gripping, lifting, portability, comfort, moves, swinging, product image, etc.

Mactec gives advice on 4 key-areas:

  1. The type of self-adhesive carry handle to apply.
    Mactec, through Alimac, provides consulting to identify the type of self-adhesive carry handle to apply, considering:
    • the type of Packaging
    • product image

    The self-adhesive carry handle can be foamed, colored, transparent, with a special glue or thickness, and so on.
  2. Application on the packaging
    Mactec gives advice on the most suitable application for the packaging, considering all the packaging-related factors such as: 
    • packaging shape
    • weight
    • surface
    • number of packs in a case of multipack
    • type of application: side, oblique, etc.

    Mactec pays great attention to the product image of the handled packaging. A real sample (=Mock-Up) will be produced for Customer evaluation.
  3. Equipment
    The consulting is focused on the choice of the equipment, evaluating some key aspects such as the tape-machine interaction and the Customer’s production line.
    In addition we give suggestions about the optimal location in the production line, as the equipment is modular.
  4. Testing
    Mactec conducts tests on the application of the self-adhesive carry handle on the packaging.

End-of-Line Business:

We evaluate the kind of shrink film to be applied and kind of equipment best suited to the customer’s needs.