Maintenance Service Program

Mactec equipment is very robust and extremely reliable, manufactured to last over time.

To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, Mactec has developed a routine Maintenance Service Program, which is important to guarantee 100% long-term efficiency.

This routine maintenance service optimizes the investment made by preventing future technical problems.

The maintenance of the Mactec Handle Applicator is very simple and economical, thanks to high-quality manufacturing and expert knowledge of the tape-machine interaction, which reduces critical issues.

Mactec maintenance is easy and economical:

  • Easy operator access and intervention
  • Just one set of spare parts for the same family
  • The same spare parts are suitable for right side and left side of execution
  • Easy changing of the reel when the tape ends.
  • No leakage of glue into or onto the machine

The main Benefits of the Maintenance Program:

  • slowing down wear of the machine with interventions and expert advice
  • minimizing and control of the operating budget
  • saving time that the customer can spend on growing his own business