MSM – Stretch Sleeve

The MSM is the ideal solution for grouping products with printed or transparent stretch sleeve together with self-adhesive carry handle applied by the handle applicator.

It applies the stretch sleeve label, made of a tube of linear Low Density Polyethylene and, thanks to its elastic properties, it does not require any glue application or heat shrink process to perfectly fit the shape of the container to be labelled.

Main features

  • Energy saving and clean process: no heat or glue are required.
  • The sleeve’s perfect orientation eliminates problems of misaligned or deformed graphics and messages.
  • No adhesion of the labels to the bottles, which are also protected by the stretch sleeve (bar-code hiding).
  • Suitable for x2, x3 and x4 packs.
  • 360° surface for promotional messages and codes.
  • Combination of different products is possible.
  • Eco-friendly package: the stretch sleeve is the flexible packaging solution with the lowest carbon footprint.

Main options

  • External electrical cabinet
  • Air conditioned electrical cabinet
  • Motorized height adjustment on handle applying head
  • Adjustable distance between the handle applying heads and center-lanes
  • Handle-loop shaping device
  • Stainless Steel frame

Technical Features

  • Machine speed: up to 28,800 bph
  • Installed Power: from 3 kW ÷ 25 kW
  • Power Supply: 400 V AC - 50Hz - 3Ph+N+G
  • Auxiliary Voltage: 24 V DC/AC
  • Electrics IP: IP54
  • Air Supply: 6 bar
  • Air consumption: 200 NL/min ÷ 1500 NL/min
  • Operating temperature: +8°C ÷ +40°C