Combi Solutions

Combi, the innovative 2 in 1 machine: Shrink Wrapper + Handle Applicator

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Mactec produces the innovative Combi, the 2 in 1 machine that applies on packaging a shrink film with tape carry handle in the same application cycle

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Compact, space saving, cost-effective and suitable to any production line, Combi processes a wide range of multi-packaging and single-unit product packaging (i.e carton boxes).


Combi is the innovative alternative to traditional secondary packaging and makes your packaging easy to see, grab and carry, light, innovative, eye catching , cost-effective, and more functional for consumers.


Some applications:

Evian picc                   Bottiglie COCACOLA 100

Combi Innovation

Combi is 100% made in Italy and boasts 3 innovations:

  • 2 in 1 machine, being made of 2 modules: Shrink Wrapper + Handle Applicator
  • Integrated Tape Carry Handle Solution (Alimac-MActec system, unique worldwide)
  • Post-Shrink Handling (vs. Pre-Shrink), innovative concept


How Combi works

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Key Features

  1. Payback . The savings coming from the lower price of shrink film and tape carry handle vs. other secondary packaging give a faster machine payback
  2. Easy to manage. The Plc has a multilingual touch screen panel for setting up a wide range of packaging formats, remote diagnosis and assistance, parameters control.
  3. Combi applies all kinds of tape carry handles such as Pre-laminated (with integrated back insert in foam, transparent or colored) and Special Projects.
  4. Less labor and time:
    - Installation and commissioning of 1 machine
    - Quick loading of new rolls of film and tape carry handle
  5. Alimac –Mactec System guarantees the best solution and top performance of the tape carry handle on packaging
  6. Use of the arc-shape device: very useful for the loop of the tape carry handle on top flat packaging. It is exclusive of post-shrink application , and consumers find easier and immediate grabbing, lifting and carrying.
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  7. Just one integrated technical team for:
  • Shrink fFlm Wrapping module
  • Handle Applicator module
  • Tape Carry Handle on packaging 

 Technical Features

  • Machine speed: up to 30 ppm
  • Installed Power: 51 kW
  • Power Supply: 400 V AC - 50Hz - 3Ph+N+G
  • Auxiliary Voltage: 24 V DC/AC
  • Electrics IP: IP54
  • Air Supply:  6 bar
  • Air consumption: 200 NL/min
  • Operating temperature: +8°C ÷ +40°C


Technical Data Combi

Dimensions (mm)

L1 (conveyor length) 9700
L2 (total length) 10000
W (width) 1570