Top Family Handle Applicator

MACTEC TopThe Top Application Family applies the self-adhesive carry handle on the top of the packaging.

The versatility of this application makes it suitable for many different sectors, from Food & Beverage, Tissue & Toiletries, to Construction and others. 

Top handled packaging is easy to grab, lift, and carry, but also improves comfort, customer experience, brand and product communication, logistics operations, product differentiation, sales (more packages in the hands and impulse buying effect). The self-adhesive carry handle is applied on the top of a wide range of single unit products of various shapes, dimensions and contours, and a wide range of multi-packs, such as those packaged with shrink film or in bundles.

The Top Family is extensive and includes pneumatic and electronic models capable of applying any type of adhesive tape carry handle in commerce, both standard (traditional) and the more sophisticated pre-laminated (pre-handled).

The application of a handle on the top of the package easily differentiates the product from others, making it more visible and distinct. It also makes boosts brand visibility, thanks to the logo printed on the self-adhesive tape carry handle.

The top application facilitates grasping and lifting when the package is on the ground or at a level lower than the customer’s hand. 

It makes it easier to carry the product, especially if the packaging is heavy or bulky. It is very useful in case of walking for a short time (ex. carrying the purchased goods to where the car is parked).

In some Countries the top handle application is considered a Customer Care component offered by the brand manufacturer to consumers. In this way, Brand experience can reach higher levels.

This family matches the needs of all kind of production lines, from 25 to 300 packs per minute (triple lane). It includes 9 models (triple lane versions are available upon request):

M1-A 20-25
M2-A 40
M3-A 55
M4-A 75
M5 ELECTRO - A 100
M2-B 40+40
M3-B 55+55
M4-B 75+75
M5 ELECTRO - B 100+100
A: single lane – B: double lane PPM: packs per minute

  • Web connection via Ethernet. When the operator requests remote assistance, the customer service assistant connects to the PLC touch screen, making it possible to intervene directly on the machine.
  • External electrical cabinet. Some production lines have centralized and integrated electrical panels for the machines instead of individual ones close to the machine.
  • Air conditioning on electrical cabinet. Warm countries need this option to avoid electrical issues caused by the climate.
  • Motorized height adjustment on handle applying head. Easy and fast adjustment of the height of the application head when the operator changes the packaging format.
  • Adjustable distance between the handle applying heads’ center-lanes. For double lane models
  • Handle-loop shaping device (Arc). Very useful for top flat packs, it facilitates creating the arched shape of the carry handle.
  • Stainless steel frame. For the food sector, to prevent contamination by rust, varnish and other dangerous elements

Mactec Handle Applicator equipment applies all kinds of self-adhesive carry handles in commerce:

  • Standard (Traditional). The handle requires the coupling of the two distinct components (self-adhesive tape + back insert) by the handle applicator before being applied on the transiting packaging.
  • Pre-laminated (Pre-made or Pre-handled). The handle does not require the coupling of the two components by the handle applicator, as it has already been manufactured as one piece, “ready to use” product to be directly applied on the transiting packaging .

The handle dimensions applicable range from 25 mm to 37.5 mm (width). There are no limitations for length.

Mactec recommends using Alimac products for their high quality levels and the proven high performance of its handle applicators. Some Alimac product families (pre-handled):

  • Paper Family.
    Printable paper insert for marketing (brand, bar code, QR code, etc.), very good value for money; superior quality product vs. traditional ones.
  • Flexy.
    A transparent adhesive carry handle with a printable Polypropylene insert (PP). Eye-catching effect and good communication; brilliant colors; original form memory; long lasting storage
  • Clear.
    This fully transparent solution has an integrated handle in polypropylene (PP)and is printable (brand, logo). Discreet and elegant, it highlights the uniqueness of the original packaging and does not cover its writings. Original form memory; long lasting storage. Useful where there are advertising restrictions on the packaging.
  • Soft (Foam 1mm+2 mm).
    Made up of an adhesive backing with an insert of soft polyolefin foam, this solution ensures greater comfort in grasping, lifting, and carrying the packaging. Ideal for heavy packaging and especially popular with some end-user segments for its superior comfort level. Another option is to add a color-printed insert. The ultimate brand experience and caring for end-consumers.

Pre-laminated carry handle benefits:

  1. no critical issues for coupling
  2. faster operations, as it is not necessary for the operator to reload the cardboard clip
  3. high-quality insert: long lasting Polypropylene (PP) insert
  4. glossy print: high-quality printing and more effective communication
  5. original form memory: the carry handle returns to its original form after being used
  6. warehouse operations rationalization: just one reel to be stored
  7. just one supplier: no other suppliers are required for different kinds of cardboard
  8. long-lasting storage: reduction of common storage problems (ex: humidity)

Dimensions (mm)

TOP FAMILY M1 M2-A M3-A M4-A M5-A M2-B M-3B M-4B M5-B
L1 (conveyor length) 1600 2400 2400 2800 3272 2400 2400 2800 3274
L2 (total length) 2460 3260 3260 3660 3272 3260 3260 3660 3274
W (width) 1200 1465 1465 1465 1337 2205 2205 2205 2764
A: single lane; B: double lane

Technical Data

  • M1
    • Machine speed: up to  25 packs/min per lane
    • Installed Power: 2,5kW ÷ 5kW (single/double lane)
    • Power Supply: 400VAC - 50Hz - 3Ph+N+G
    • Auxiliary Voltage: 24V DC/AC
    • Electrics IP: IP54
    • Air Supply: 6bar
    • Air consumption: 100NL/min : 200NL/min
    • Working temperature: +8°C ÷ +40°C
  • M2, M3, M4
    • Machine speed: up to 75 packs/min per lane
    • Installed Power: from 2 kW ÷ 3,4 kW
    • Power Supply: 400 V AC - 50Hz - 3Ph+N+G
    • Auxiliary Voltage: 24 V DC/AC
    • Electrics IP: IP54
    • Air Supply: 6 bar
    • Air consumption: 250NL/min ÷ 960NL/min
    • Operating temperature: +8°C ÷ +40°C
  • M5 (Electronic)
    • Machine speed: up to 100 packs/min per lane
    • Installed Power: 9 kW ÷ 15 Kw
    • Power Supply: 400 V AC - 50 Hz - 3Ph+N+G
    • Auxiliary Voltage: 24V DC/AC
    • Electrics IP: IP54
    • Air Supply: 6 bar
    • Air consumption: 100NL/min ÷ 250NL/min
    • Operating temperature: +8°C ÷ +40°C


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