M1 Standard version

M1 Standard version

The M1 is a pneumatic handle applicator machine. It applies self-adhesive carry handles on all types of multipacks (PET bottles, cans, briks) and single unit products.

The M1 is compact and versatile, making it suitable for any production line. It is also easy and inexpensive to maintain.

It is designed to match the requirements of low-capacity production lines. It can be also set up in double and triple lanes:

The M1 applies all kinds of adhesive carry handles:

  • Traditional tape carry handle, made of an adhesive tape and an insert to be coupled on the machine before application
  • Pre-made handle (the so-called “pre-laminated”) that does not require the coupling process.


The M1 is capable of making all kinds of applications on single packs and multi-packs:

  • Top handle
  • Side handle
  • Oblique handle
  • Carton pack handle
  • Bottom handle 
m1 applications

PLC - Programmable Logic Controller

The PLC - Programmable Logic Controller, controls and manages the entire application cycle of the machine.

It is equipped with a multilingual operator interface and a touch screen panel. The operator can easily set up and change the packaging format or make other pre-set operations.

The PLC checks the functioning status of the machine by displaying warnings or alarm messages.

The PLC main functions are to:

  1. Synchronize all moving parts
  2. Manage the space between the packs transiting on the conveyor system
  3. Apply the self-adhesive carry handle at the proper time

The application cycle requires optimal speed control according to:

  • the speed of the customer’s production line where the handle applicator machine is installed
  • the type of pack to be handled.
  • the kind of application (top, bottom, carton, etc.) and the dimensions of self-adhesive carry handle.

The automatic handle applicator machine works in 4 easy steps:

  1. The operator sets up the packaging format on the touch screen (ex. 3x2 1-liter PET bottles) and regulates the guides and the height of the application head.
    The packs arriving from the production line are slowed down and spaced by the infeed conveyor. The lateral guides keep them still.
  2. The pre-made tape carry handle is on the reel holder. It is unwound by a system of smaller reels and applied on the packs coming from the shrink-wrapping machine or other packaging machine: labelling machine, etc.
    In case of a traditional tape carry handle, it must first be coupled on the machine (=adhesive tape + back insert, usually cardboard), and then applied on the packaging. An additional cardboard store is therefore set up and enabled.
  3. The incoming packs on the conveyor are kept still and upright by the compression belts, which compress their tops for 2-3 mm.  The packs transit on the main conveyor of the handle applicator.
    The compression belt speed is synchronized with the main conveyor.
  4. A sensor detects that the transiting pack is under the application head: the PLC sends the command to apply the carry handle tape to the pack. Then, at the appropriate instant, a cutting blade cuts the carry handle tape without damaging  the remaining tape, which remains intact and ready for the next application.

Compact and Customizable

The M1 is very compact and versatile. It is also customizable.

Benefits: the M1 can be located both in traditional production lines and in more compact production lines, where less physical space is available.

Double system application head

The application head is a double system that implements two technologies: servomotor + compressed air.
One vertical application arm operated by a servomotor applies the self-adhesive carry handle.

An overlapping roll follows the shape of the pack to ensure effective adherence of the tape.

The cutting blade and the overlapping roll are driven by a compressed-air system. 

Easy changing of the packaging format

The format changeover is very simple and fast: the operator sets up the new format on the PLC display provided on the touch screen.

Thanks to the Automatic Centering System, the head automatically modifies the tape length required by the new pack dimensions.

Benefits: Simple, with no waste of time.

Special Project:  top and side heads together (on demand)

As a Special Project, Mactec manufactures also the M1 with a double application head, Top and Side, mounted on the same machine.


  • Economic advantage: no need to buy 2 different machines
  • Production line advantage: This M1-double head is suitable for short production lines, where there is insufficient space to install 2 machines, one for the top application and the second one for the side application.

Motorized height adjustment of handle application head

Mactec makes it possible to change the various packaging formats, switching for example from a 0.35-liter bottle to a taller format (1-liter, 2-liter, and so on).

Thanks to this automatic option, it is easy to set up the height of the new format by simply pressing the touch screen (on the PLC panel): the handle application head will adjust its height, moving electrically instead of by hand. 

Arc shape device

This machine has the arc shape device for flat top packaging, where the space for the hand can be too small to grasp.

To solve this issue, during the application cycle a cylinder interposes between the tape carry handle and the top flat, forming an “arc” that can be easily gripped and lifted by hand.

Electrical adjustment of the distance between the two application heads (double track)

In a double lane configuration, the two application heads are at a pre-set distance and simultaneously apply the carry handle on the packaging on both tracks.

This system allows the operator to regulate the distance as needed. Instead, most Handle Applicators in commerce require the intervention of the manufacturer’s technical assistance service to make such adjustments.

Other Options

  • Web connection via Ethernet
  • External electrical cabinet
  • Air conditioning on electrical cabinet
  • Stainless Steel frame

  • Machine speed: up to  25 packs/min per lane (*)
  • Installed Power: 2,5kW ÷ 5kW
  • Power Supply: 400VAC - 50Hz - 3Ph+N+G
  • Auxiliary Voltage: 24V DC/AC
  • Electrics IP: IP54
  • Air Supply: 6bar
  • Air consumption: 100NL/min – 200NL/min
  • Working temperature: +8°C ÷ +40°C

    (*) M1 TL H: up to 50 packs/min per lane - M1 Wrap H: up to 35 packs/min per lane


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Layout: single lane side model