The innovation of the self-adhesive tape handle

The self-adhesive carry handle is a new concept of carry handle for packaging.

special tape

It is a special tape in polypropylene that can be successfully applied on packaging of various shapes, surfaces and dimensions making better the shopping experience, optimizing the logistics operations and helping sales. 

Its application on the packaging is usually automatic by using a Handle Applicator, a special equipment.  The automatic application ensures a smart payback.

The self-adhesive carry handle/ machine interaction is a critical success factor in delivering a top-quality application.

Mactec deems it fundamental to know the technology of the self-adhesive carry handle and to merge it with the machine technology, in order to attain effective tape-machine interaction and the best application performance.

pre-laminated tape


The self-adhesive carry handle is a simple but innovative idea: putting together a self-adhesive tape and an insert on the opposite side to prevent the glue from sticking to the hand.

Today, the modern evolution of this idea is the so-called “pre-laminated tape”, offering a wide range of handles (transparent, foamed, etc.), improved printing quality (matt, glossy, etc.), excellent interaction with the machine, and a secure application on the packages.

The printed part is an excellent marketing and communication tool for:

  • The Brand logo (brand identity)
  • QR code and/or Bar code
  • Sales promotion
  • Additional information

The hold is reliable and safe