Safe Hold

Very strong and highly reliable, the self-adhesive tape carry handle makes it possible to lift and carry up to 21 kg of packaging.

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Alimac ensures excellent application of the self-adhesive carry handle on the packaging.

As a historical manufacturer of self-adhesive carry handles, Alimac has several strengths: high-quality products, extensive expertise acquired over more than 20 years, an in-depth knowledge of components and manufacturing processes, the quality control process, a proven track-record of international and multi-sector case histories.

The Testing activity and the strict Quality Control processes carried out by Alimac ensure a very reliable product and guarantee a secure hold. 

Alimac evaluates the weight, shape and surface of the packaging, and all the movements and physical solicitations it can be subjected to during the phases of grabbing, lifting, carrying, and stocking.

Mactec benefits from Alimac in terms of:

  1. Market leadership
  2. High-Quality Products and Components
  3. Successful track record of Sales
  4. Years of Experience on the market
  5. Severe Testing & Quality Control Process

Alimac products are tested on Mactec Handle Applicators, but Customers are free to choose any other brand of self-adhesive carry handle in commerce.

Mactec Handle Applicators apply any kind of self-adhesive carry handles of the most important market brands.