Packaging Trends

Worldwide the packaging must be Accessible, Convenient, Smart, and Sustainable. These are consolidated packaging trends in many Countries.

The self-adhesive carry handle is aligned with them giving its own contribution:

Accessible Packaging

Global packaging trend: Accessible Packaging

The self-adhesive carry handle can make the packaging more Accessible.

Its application on the packaging:  

  • Minimizes all kind of forces: grasping, lifting, handling, etc.
  • Makes the grip of the packaging very comfortable
  • The soft foam tape carry handle is particularly appreciated for its superior comfort level
Global packaging trend

Global packaging trend: Convenient Packaging

The self-adhesive carry handle can make the packaging more Convenient.

In fact, the application of the self-adhesive carry handle on the packaging makes it:

  • Ready to use with no further processing
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for Single-hand use
  • More functional and practical
2017 03 06 MACTEC Smart packaging

Global packaging trend: Smart Packaging

The self-adhesive carry handle helps make the packaging a “Smart Packaging”.

Being the self-adhesive carry handle printable in all colors, it is possible to print the Qr code on it. That means:

  • Use of technology on the packaging
  • Giving the customers more information
  • Social media connection
  • Time sensitive and location sensitive sale promotions, etc.
  • Consumer perception of a high-tech packaging for a superior quality product

It is unnecessary to change the original packaging to add a temporary Qr code.

It is also possible to print a Bar code, to make faster the operations at the cash register.

Sustainable Packaging

Global packaging trend: Sustainable Packaging

Mactec pays great attention to the environment.

The self-adhesive tape handle is environment-friendly, embracing the packaging trends that aim to reduce the quantity of disposable materials and increase recycling:


  • Remove unnecessary layers for packaging
  • Light packaging 


  • Recyclable packaging materials

The self-adhesive carry handle is thin. It does not require additional packaging layers, thereby keeping the packaging lightweight.