Turnkey Solutions

Mactec delivers its own Value Proposition through a customized Handle Applicator Turnkey Solution including 8 key-activities:

  1. Defining Customer needs and project requirements
  2. Handle Applicator Solutions 
  3. Self-Adhesive Carry Handle solutions (Alimac)
  4. Holding Test on package (Alimac)
  5. Customized 360° Solution
  6. Machine Application Test: tape carry handle/machine/pack
  7. Delivery and local Commissioning
  8. Post-sales service

The turnkey solution is unique on the market, merging two core-businesses to deliver excellence to the Customer: the Handle Applicator solution and the Self-Adhesive carry handle solution from Alimac.


  1. Fully customized solution for Handle Applicator and tape carry handle
  2. Optimal Tape-Machine interaction: no critical issues and process continuity
  3. Excellent application performance on the packaging
  4. Unique 360°solution: machine, production line, tape carry handle, packaging.
  5. The best solution is delivered before buying
  6. Prior Testing activity to evaluate all the marketing and technical aspects of the handled packaging
  7. Immediate ready-to-buy solution for the Customer.
  8. Faster reset of any post-sale problem regarding the machine and/or tape: no bouncing of responsibilities.