Alimac -Mactec Integrated System

The Alimac -Mactec Integrated System is the best of two technologies in the Handle Applicator business.

Mactec Equipment  is 100% part of Alimac Group,  international market leader in the manufacturing of self-adhesive carry handles since 1990.  

The free exchange of their 2 core-technologies is very open and covers the entire manufacturing cycle of Handle Applicators.

This is a strong point of difference when compared to common partnership practices between other market players.

The outcome of this synergy is the Alimac-Mactec Integrated System.

It is unique on the market and represents the key success factor for delivering excellent handled solutions. It offers the customer 2 advantages:

  • The highest levels of tape-machine interaction, thus performing a high-quality application, reducing critical issues, and ensuring process continuity.
  • Fully customized and Complete Turnkey Solution combining the key-elements: the machine solution, the self-adhesive carry handle solution, and a wide array of services related to both technologies