Mactec wants to protect the Customer’s investment.

The payback of the Handle Applicator is in terms of low maintenance costs, a strong reduction in labor costs, time optimization, less labor, full continuity of production lines and Handle Applicator operations, considerable reduction of critical issues and downtime reset.

More specifically:

  • Mactec Handle Applicators reduce labor costs due to the automation of the tape carry handle application process.
  • The application on the packaging is very precise, even at high speeds. No time is wasted and production is continuous.
  • Thanks to the high level of technology, pneumatic and electronic models process a safe application. There is no risk of critical issues compromising the hold.
  • The advanced Mactec technology enables a high speed of application and satisfies the needs of any production line.
  • The application is regular, always at the same point for all the transiting packs, thus maximizing the hold, the brand/product image and the continuity of operations.
  • The high autonomy of the Mactec Handle Applicators increases production efficiency: supplying the handles during the operation of the machine is simple and fast
  • Improvements in terms of operational safety, with the reduction of repetitive operator interventions

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