Handle Applicators

Handle Applicator: the machine

The Handle Applicator (handle applying machine) is an automatic packaging machine that applies the self-adhesive tape carry handle on the packaging. 

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Packaging with the self-adhesive carry handle is easy to grab, lift, hold and carry and improves comfort, customer experience, brand and product communication, logistics operations, product differentiation, sales.

All the machines are compliant with International security standards and are equipped with a complete system of security devices.

The Mactec Handle Applicators are very reliable. Their application is fast, precise and regular to ensure production line continuity.

The R&D Dept. researches the State-of-the-Art technologies available on the markets with a view to simplifying manufacturing and reducing the risk of critical issues.



Mactec Handle Applicators implement 2 technologies:

  • Pneumatic models. These work with a compressed air system. Designed for production lines with a capacity of up to 75 packs per minute (top application, single lane), they provide an excellent price/performance ratio. 
  • Electronic models. These use a modern servo-driven technology: the application head has one arm operated by two servomotors. This is the best solution for precision in high-speed applications (up to 100 packs per minute).


Consumables: the self-adhesive carry handle

The Mactec Handle Applicator machines apply all kind of Self-adhesive carry handles in commerce:

  • Standard (Traditional).
    It consists of two distinct components: a special self-adhesive tape + an insert (usually cardboard) to be coupled by the handle applicator machine in real time just before the application on the transiting packaging.
    The standard self-adhesive tape carry handle meets the needs of customers with a large variety of products needing handles, as it is possible to customize the insert (= cardboard) and change it easily on the cardboard clip of the machine (optional for all Mactec models).
    The outcome is the application of various handles on diverse kinds of packaging
  • Pre-laminated (Pre-made or Pre-Handled )
    It is made of a single piece made of two components: this complete pre-made self-adhesive carry handle is a “ready to use” product. The two components – an adhesive backing and an insert - are already assembled and do not require coupling on the machine.
    It meets the needs of long-term production with the same packaging.
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Single and multipacks

The Mactec Handle Applicators can be used for single packs and multipacks with different surfaces, dimensions, shapes and weight:

single and multipack
  • Shrink film (ex. Multipacks of various formats)
  • Pet bottles
  • Cartons
  • Brick
  • Flexible Plastic
  • Rigid packs

Alimac has numerous case histories and extensive experience in solutions on different kinds of packages. The company always tests the hold of the self-adhesive carry handle on the Customer’s packaging.

Mactec always tests the machine application to guarantee optimal performance and the best marketing solution.

Why a Mactec Handle Applicator?

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