Features and Benefits

The features and benefits of Mactec Handle Applicators:

  1. Suitable for any production line
  2. High manufacturing Quality
  3. Easy and economic Maintenance
  4. Synchronized Spacing System
  5. High levels of Safety
  6. Optimal Tape – Machine interaction
  7. Pack Format Changeover
  8. Performance Control System
  9. Energy-saving


Suitable for any Production line

Mactec Handle Applicators are space-saving, designed and built for minimal global impact on the existing production line.

Not only large companies, but also small and medium production plants can easily incorporate the Handle Applicator in their lines:

  • Mactec machines match the needs of any production line with a capacity of up to 100 packs per minute (*)
  • Dimensions are customizable and special projects can be carried out on demand.
  • The Consulting Service optimizes the placement of the machine in the existing production line.
  • Training, installation and post-sale services are provided.

All the Handle Applicators can be used as simple “conveyor belt” on the production line, without necessarily applying the self-adhesive carry handle.

(*) top application in single lane


High Manufacturing Quality

  • State-of-the-Art market technologies:  high reliability
  • Simplicity, to reduce the risk of critical issues
  • High-quality and well-known brand components with worldwide local assistance services: Festo, Bonfiglioli, etc.


Ease and Economic Maintenance

  • Easy operator access and intervention
  • Just one set of spare parts for the entire range
  • The same spare parts are suitable for both the right side and left side
  • Easy changing of the reel when the tape ends.


Synchronized Spacing System

  • Software manages the best synchronization and space of the packs, depending on the pack size
  • It is possible have a small space between one pack and the next one: good speed of application depending on the production line
  • High performance speed



  • Lexan panels. The same material used to make airplane windows, this polymer that will not scratch or shatter.
  • Open doors alarm. To ensure operator safety, the Lexan doors must be closed for the machine to work
  • Green/red operating beacon on top of the machine


Tape – Machine interaction

  • Tailor-made self-adhesive carry handle solution
  • No risk of damaging the tape while crossing the machine
  • Right centering of the carry handle on the pack
  • Perfect cutting of the tape during application on the pack: no risk for the next application or for the end user


Packaging Format Changeover

  • PLC with touch screen to manage all packaging formats
  • Easy changeover
  • Easy-to-use multilingual touch screen
  • More formats can be added


Performance Control System

  • Set up of various tailor-made control systems, depending to the customer needs
  • Infeed alarm. When the machine does not receive the packs from the production line for a pre-set amount of time, it stops
  • Jamming alarm. When there is a slow-down in the flow of handled packs towards the palletizer (or other machine) , the Handle Applicator stops
  • Interchange signals. The Handle Applicator communicates with the other product line machines placed upstream and downstream
  • Alarm for missed coupling of the paper insert and the tape in case of traditional tape
  • Alarm for failed application of the carry handle on the pack


Energy Saving

  • Mactec machines are designed for energy savings
  • It is also possible to stop the engine (no electric waste) and the emission of compressed air (pneumatic models).
  • This emission is continuative because it allows the adhesion of the tape on the application arm.
  • If the machine is not operated for an established period of time, this emission is stopped.

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