Customer Approach

Mactec has a Customer-focused approach

We put the Customer at the center of all our efforts, and carefully assist him through every step of our packaging projects.

We aspire to meet and exceed all customer expectations, ensuring the highest levels of service.

We assume that our Customer is a Partner, envisioning our relations from a holistic perspective. We partner with clients to design solutions that meet real needs and contribute to the growth of their business.

Mactec bases the Customer Approach on the following key-assumptions, which are widely shared within the Alimac organization:

  1. The Customer as Partner. Establishing a Win/Win approach, considering the Customer from a long-term Partnership perspective.
  2. Customer expectations. Always providing tailor-made solutions to meet and exceed expectations.
  3. Delivering Excellence in products and services, always.
  4. Global support and advice, covering the complete cycle of the Customer’s needs, from pre-sales consultations to post-sales services
  5. Reaching the highest levels of Customer satisfaction

Customer for Mactec is a value. The Corporate values are shared within the international organization.

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