Commercial Offer

The Mactec market offer consists of:

  • Handle Applicators
  • End-of-Line equipment (all segments)
  • Services
  • Applications
  • Solutions

Mactec is also known for adapting its supply to meet local market demands.

The commercial offering of Handle Applicators is unique on the international scenario, thanks to Mactec System, the close cooperation with Alimac, historical self-adhesive carry handle manufacturer.

The Mactec System delivers a complete and unique Turnkey Solution that combines the best solutions of both companies.

The commercial offer of End-of-Line equipment benefits from a technical alliance with Atlanta, a company having 20 years of experience in this business.

Mactec provides products, experience, know-how, solutions, applications, and services that build a unique global value system and a real competitive advantage on the market.

The Mactec Global Value Proposition also includes innovative solutions and applications, giving the Customer differentiation, value-added features, process efficiency, cost savings, higher levels of end-user experience, and improvements in impulse purchases and marketing communication.