Value Proposition

The Mactec Value Proposition is unique on today’s market and guarantees a real competitive advantage worldwide.

The Mactec Value Proposition is based on 5 key-elements:

  1. Customized Solutions
    All the Mactec packaging projects are tailor made, according to the Customer needs and technical requirements. Every project is different. The Mactec philosophy: Customer as partner in a long-term perspective.

  2. macchina M2
    Handle Applicator Solutions
    In the Handle Applicator business Mactec delivers the best Handle Applicator solution and the optimal Self-adhesive tape carry handle / Machine interaction, that is the critical success factor for the successful application on the packaging.

  3. Lattine
    Self-adhesive carry handle Solutions (Alimac)
    The Self-adhesive tape carry handle Technology is the core-business of Alimac, international market leader with a large portfolio of case-histories and brands.
    Mactec and Alimac produce a unique top-quality solution ensuring an impressive reduction in critical issues, excellent performance of application, and a prompt resolution of any post-sales issues.

  4. macchina end of line
    End-of-Line Solutions
    The best technology for a complete or modular solution in the end-of-line segment. Atlanta, market leader in this business, shares with Mactec technologies and expertise, and together deliver high tech solutions.

  5. A full range of Services and Applications
    Mactec provides a wide range of Services and Applications related to the Handle Applicators, End of the Line equipment and Self-adhesive carry handles. 

Our strong expertise and technical alliances enhance the Mactec value proposition