Technical Alliances

Mactec has cultivated mutually beneficial technical alliances for the Handle Applicator business and for the End-of-Line business:


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Handle Applicator

In this Business Mactec shares all aspects of its own core-technology with Alimac, a manufacturer of self-adhesive carry handle since 1990.

Both companies are owned 100% by the same industrial group and have no restrictions or limitations in terms of sharing mutual know-how, expertise and case histories.

The benefits for the Customer are:

  • Optimizing the interaction between the self-adhesive tape carry handle and the handle applicator machine
  • Benefitting from a customized Turnkey Solution, including the state-of-the-art of both core-businesses, Equipment and Self-adhesive tape carry handle.



Also in End-of-Line Mactec strives to meet and exceed global expectations in terms of Innovation and top quality.Macchina fine linea

Mactec has established a strategic technical alliance with Atlanta in assembling:

Atlanta is a historical Italian manufacturer with a successful track -record of installations worldwide.

Atlanta boasts 20 years of excellence in the research & development, production and distribution of premier quality industrial packaging equipment.

The presence of an assembly center in China, exclusively for the Chinese market, ensures Mactec the necessary responsiveness and highest levels of Products and Services in that Country.