Mactec expertise generates high-quality and dependable packaging equipment and solutions.

Highlighted below are Mactec’s 4 Axes of Expertise:

  • Team with 20 years of experience
    Mactec relies on a staff with an average of more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing packaging equipment.
    Many members of our staff come from diverse experiences in leading packaging companies: such a background is a key-asset for designing and delivering value-added solutions

    Such a long experience curve enables us to offer high-technology equipment and advanced solutions worldwide.
  • 100% Italian Design & Production
    Our entire product range is designed and manufactured in Italy, where an industrial district entirely dedicated in manufacturing of packaging equipment has been developing for decades.

    Today Italy is one of the biggest packaging machine exporters in the world, and we are proud to share these skills and our experience with our international Customers.
  • High Reliability
    Day after day, our R&D departments find, select and re-elaborate the State-of-the-Art of packaging technologies, thus ensuring:
    • the highest levels of technology and know-how
    • a successful track-record of installations and sales
    • years of highly efficient productivity
  • 100% Sharing of Know- How
    In the Handle Applicator segment, Mactec shares its technology with Alimac experts, highly specialized in the production of the innovative self-adhesive carry handle.

    This intense synergy generates one of the highest levels of technical interaction between a self-adhesive carry handle and a handle applying machine on the market today.

    Such interaction is a critical success factor in the application of self-adhesive carry handles on packaging.

    This merging of two types of core-expertise is the “Alimac-Mactec System”. It represents a real competitive advantage vs. our competitors, as this level of synergy is truly unique on today’s market.

    Mactec also shares packaging know-how in End-of-Line equipment through technical alliances, thus ensuring its Customers a consistent level of Products and Services.

Our strong expertise in Handle Applicators and End-of-Line Equipment, together with intensive technology sharing and a wide range of services and applications, definitely make it possible for Mactec to present the market with a high Value Proposition.

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