In the consumer goods world, retailers and brands come up with new solutions to catch the Consumer's attention.

Most buying decisions are taken in the point of sales, so that the packaging is an important driver of the purchases.

Its effects drive the Consumer preference for one product or another exactly when Consumers are making the choice of buying.

Functional requirements and emotional aspects of the packaging are very important to make a connection with Consumers.

We strongly believe that Innovation and Change are key-elements in the packaging sector:

  • People crave something different, something new.
  • Brands need their products to stand out amidst a multitude of items and want to engage Consumers
  • Packaging influences consumer behavior and impulse purchases
  • Standout packaging sells more than ordinary packaging.

Our vision: to stand out in a sea of packaging

The innovative self-adhesive carry handle makes your packaging innovative, gives many advantages and matches the most important international packaging trends.



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