The Business Unit

Mactec is the business unit of Alimac Group 100% specialized in manufacturing packaging equipment


Mactec produces: 


  • Handle Applicators, to apply the innovative self-adhesive tape carry handle on packaging.
     macchina M2              Handle Applicator automatic M5 250               fardello colorato qrc ode 100

    Example of applications:
    m1 applications

  • End-of-Line Equipment, covering the entire “Dry Line”:
  • Shrink Wrappers
  • Combi (Shrink Wrapper + Handle Applicator in just one machine)
  • Wrap-around machines


         Macchina fine linea         Mactec combi shrink wrapper handle applicator 350


Mactec provides a wide range of:

  • Services (Engineering, Testing, Commissioning, Customer Care, etc.)
  • Solutions (Turnkey Solutions, Customized Solutions, etc.)
  • Applications (Standard and innovative)
Testa m1 web


High-quality technological equipment and a wide range of services, solutions and applications enable Mactec to offer a high Value Proposition and to provide innovative packaging solutions worldwide.


Mactec is  Customer-focused and provides tailor-made solutions and assisting the Customer at every step of the packaging project, thus building a long-term relationship.

Mactec Equipment by Alimac Group

In the Handle Applicator business, Mactec benefits widely from the curve of experience of Alimac Group.

Alimac has been highly specialized in the production of self-adhesive tape carry handles since 1990 and today continues to be an international market leader.

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Mactec and Alimac professionals work together day by day, joining the forces of their core businesses: Handle Applicators and Self-adhesive tape carry handles.


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