Mactec shares the same Alimac Group Mission and Vision

The Values of Alimac-Mactec are:

  • Customer
    The Customer is the most important value. We are strongly Customer-focused. We understand the needs and wants of our Customers and deliver customized solutions. We liaise with our Customers to build long-term relationships, assisting them at every step with a view to consolidating a long-term Partnership.
  • Innovation
    Innovation is an important value. We propose breakthrough packaging solutions and believe that innovation is the key to gaining a competitive edge in the fast-moving world of consumer goods.
  • Differentiation
    Standing out in a sea of packaging: that is our Vision and we want to share it with our Customers worldwide.
  • Reliability
    We strive every day to manufacture highly affordable machines and deliver solutions, applications and services. We carefully design our projects and conduct tests to guarantee the reliability of our equipment and applications. We also request technical tests from our technical alliances, who are all market leaders in their domains of expertise. Our testing activity is a key-asset of our reliability.
  • Quality
    Our product range represents the highest international standards of affordability and quality. Every day, our R&D department studies the state-of-the art of packaging technologies. We also share our know-how with highly qualified technological allies, in a mutual transfer of know-how aimed at an ongoing delivery of top-quality products.
  • Responsiveness
    We understand that time is very important to our Customer, being one of the most crucial resources in the fast-moving consumer goods sectors. That is why our time to market is as short as possible and we strive to guarantee a high level of responsiveness.

    Mactec has strong expertise and a unique global Value Proposition