Mactec is an international company that produces and sells handle applicators, end-of-line equipment and innovative packaging solutions

The innovation of the self-adhesive tape handle

It is a special tape in polypropylene (or polyester in some cases) that can be successfully applied on packaging of various shapes, surfaces and dimensions making better the shopping experience, optimizing the logistics operations and helping sales.

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Handle Applicators

The Handle Applicator (handle applying machine) is an automatic packaging machine that applies the self-adhesive tape carry handle on the packaging.

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Turnkey Solutions

The turnkey solution is unique on the market, merging two core-businesses to deliver excellence to the Customer: the Handle Applicator solution and the Self-Adhesive carry handle solution from Alimac.

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Features and Benefits

Mactec Handle Applicators are space-saving, designed and built for minimal global impact on the existing production line.

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Packaging Trends

Worldwide the packaging must be Accessible, Convenient, Smart, and Sustainable. These are consolidated packaging trends in many Countries.

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Corporate Values

Mactec shares its values within the international organization: Innovation, Customer, Reliability, etc.

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Product range

The latest generation of Mactec Handle Applicators meets all market needs in terms of speed, applications, shape and dimensions of the packaging, kinds of technology, machine dimensions, and other relevant elements.

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End-of-Line Equipment

A large experience in manufacturing Shrink Wrappers, Wrap around machines, etc.

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Mactec applications

The application of the innovative self-adhesive carry handle makes your packaging or multi-pack: easy to see, easy to grab, easy to lift up, easy to carry